Spring 2023 Honors Theses

Imagining Settler Colonial Decolonization: Debates Between African Nationalism and Non-Racialism in the Anti-Apartheid Movements 1940-1980
Student: Ryann Hubbart
Mentor: Ari Ariel, Associate Professor of Instruction, History and International Studies 

The Instrumentalization of Soft Power: Qatar’s Use of Aljazeera as a Public Diplomacy
Platform in the Case of Yemen

Student: Lauren Philips
Mentor: Ahmed Souaiaia, Associate Professor, Religious Studies

Beyond the Corn Belt: A Re/Turn to Reciprocity
Student: Claire Player
Mentor: E. Cram, Associate Professor of Communication Studies & Gender, Women's & Sexuality Studies

Investigating Internal Colonialism in Contemporary Mexican Development and Implications for Indigenous Breastfeeding Practices
Student: Shannon Walsh
Mentor: Carly Nichols, Assistant Professor, Geographical and Sustainability Sciences

Spring 2022 Honors Theses

Women's Resilience and State Reconstruction in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Student: Abigail Jordahl
Mentor: Michael Zmolek, Lecturer in International Studies

Analysis of the Intergenerational Cultural Perceptions of Well-Being between Vietnamese Refugee Migrants and Children of Vietnamese Refugee Migrants
Student: Michelle Tran-Doung
Mentor: Cynthia Chou, Professor in Anthropology

Fall 2021 Honors Theses

An Analysis of Community Communication: A Case of Sehgal Foundation during COVID-19
Student: Yechan Charles Lee
Mentor:  Sujatha Sosale, Associate Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication

Spring 2021 Honors Theses

The Construction and Distribution of Turkey's National Brand in the Arab World
Student: Isabelle Davis
Mentor: Dr. Aron Aji, Associate Professor of Instruction in Literary Translation

"It Came From Japan": Changing Perceptions of J-Horror and J-Splatter Cinema in the West
Student: Mikayla Walker
Mentor: Kendall Heitzman, Associate Professor of Japanese

Feminist Activism and the Legalization of Abortion in Argentina
Student: Alexis Winecke
Mentor: Kathleen Newman, Associate Professor of Spanish

Spring 2020 Honors Thesis

The Color Hierarchy in the Filipino Skin Whitening Industry though the Lens of Contemporary Media
Student: Angel Trachta
Mentor: Jiyeon Kang, Associate Professor of Communication Studies

Spring 2020 Senior Project

Multilingual Education: English as a Second Language and its Greater Community Impact
Student: Mitchell McCarthy
Mentor: Mitchell Kelly, Clinical Professor in the College of Education

Spring 2019 Theses

How Asylum Policy in France Contributes to a Gap in Perceptions between French Nationals and Asylees
Student: Caitlin Chenus
Mentor: Amy Weismann, Assistant Director for UI Center for Human Rights

Kenyan Financial History and the Rise of M-Pesa 
Student: Channon Greer
Mentor: Theodore Powers, Associate Professor of Anthropology

Women and Art in 19th Century France
Student: Melanie Meierotto
Mentor: Dorothy Johnson, Professor of Art History