International Studies undergraduate students engage in research topics related to their specific interests in global topics and issues. Student research is mentored by faculty in International Studies and faculty with global interests in a range of academic disciplines. Students may receive credit for their research through enrolling in one of the following: honors thesis, senior project, or independent study in International Studies.

Recent Student Research News

IS Student Lauren Salloum awarded ICRU Fellowship to work with Dr. Žmolek

IS Senior Lexy Winecke Presents Her Honors Thesis at ESURF

Fall 2021 Honors Thesis

An Analysis of Community Communication: A Case of Sehgal Foundation during COVID-19
Student: Yechan Charles Lee
Mentor:  Sujatha Sosale, Associate Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication

Spring 2022 Honors Theses

Women's Resilience and State Reconstruction in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Student: Abigail Jordahl
Mentor: Michael Zmolek, Lecturer in International Studies

Analysis of the Intergenerational Cultural Perceptions of Well-Being between Vietnamese Refugee Migrants and Children of Vietnamese Refugee Migrants
Student: Michelle Tran-Doung
Mentor: Cynthia Chou, Professor in Anthropology

Past honors theses and senior projects can be found here.

Recent Faculty Research and Professional Engagement

International Studies Advisory Board Member Yasmine Ramadan interviewed: "A Revolution against Realism: A Talk with Yasmine Ramadan"

IS Professor Ari Ariel elected to the Board of Directors of the the Association for Jewish Studies

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