Helen Dickson

Project Specialist for Rotary International

What year did you graduate from the University of Iowa?

Degrees earned from the University of Iowa:
BA International Studies
Certificates in Human Rights and Nonprofit Management

What is your current work?

I currently work as a Project Specialist at Rotary International. I work on strategic projects for The Rotary Foundation that help to drive the organization forward. I love that I get to work with a global volunteer-base that is committed to giving back in their communities and beyond.

How did your International Studies degree benefit you/lead you to your current work? How does your current work relate to International Studies?

While attending the University of Iowa, I had the opportunity to help charter a Rotaract Club and get to know local Rotarians well. This really piqued my interest in Rotary.

How does your current work relate to International Studies?

My current work does relate to International Studies! Rotary is one of the largest international nonprofits out there, with a budget of approximately $300 million to do grants throughout the world in the areas of water and sanitation, environment, basic education and literacy, maternal and child health, disease prevention and treatment, peace and conflict prevention/resolution and economic and community development.

Helen Dickson