Clara Lopez

Equity Coordinator at the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque

Degrees earned:

University of Iowa: Honors B.A. in International Studies and Minor in French (2017)

Kingston University (London): Masters in International Business Management in (2019)

What is your current work?

I am currently the Equity Coordinator at the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque. I help lead and coordinate our initiative Inclusive Dubuque. Inclusive Dubuque is a peer-learning network of partners committed to creating an informed, equitable and inclusive community where all people are respected, valued and engaged. This position allows me to engage with our community and make a difference. I enjoy working with individuals from different backgrounds and learning about the joys of living in a small city.

How did your International Studies degree lead you to your current work?

During my 4th year at UI, I was able to study abroad in South Korea at Ewha Womans University. I was very grateful to have had the opportunity because I was able to experience the beautiful Korean culture. This greatly influenced my desire to study other cultures and pursue a career that would allow me to interact with diverse people. My International Studies degree created a nice foundation for the position I currently hold. It was also crucial to my graduate studies in London, UK.

Any advice for current IS students?

My advice to IS students is to study abroad if you have the opportunity. Some of my greatest adventures and stories come from my time studying abroad.

Clara Lopez